Rihanna is the most fashionable and stylish celebrities. The singer was born in Saint Michael, Barbados on February 20, 1988. In a voice so sweetly, She able to get into the world of music since the age of 16 years. She can play many musical instruments. In addition to better vocal, the singer known for fashion. Since the release of the album “Music of the Sun” in 2005, Rihanna’s popularity is increasing.

Rihanna is one celebrity who likes to change hair styles. Many hairstyles used to be a trend among women. Ranging from long hairstyles, bob and pixie style. Style stage brilliant and interesting fashion style. The singer is becoming a trend among fans. Hairstyleceleb.com team has followed Rihanna hairstyle changes from time to time. Let’s check it out.

1. Long Straight Hairstyles 

Rihanna with Long Straight Hairstyles

This hairstyle is worn Rihanna at the Billboard Music Award in 2006. She looks graceful and beautiful. A simple model, capable of delivering a charm when on stage. But this still does not last long, she then changed hairstyle.

2. Asymmetrical bob hairstyles

Rihanna with Asymmetrical Bob hairstyles

Via girlterest.com

Rihanna is a style icon for women hair. She cut long hair became medium. In the world of fashion, this is a hair style bob. She added short again on one side. Rihanna gives a touch of asymmetry with the straight hair.

3. Short bob hairstyles with bangs

Rihanna in Short bob hairstyles with bangs

n 2007, Rihanna back cut a little hair. Stay with bob style, Cantor was added accents bangs. She looks pretty and sweet.

4. Undercut with red hair

Rihanna with Undercut and Red Hair

Via strayhair.com

The singer’s unique look in 2009. She chose undercut style bowl cut at the bottom and the top. It’s fantastic, She added a red color.

5. Long wavy hair with red color

Long Wavy Hair with Red Color

One year later, Rihanna still prefer long hair and red. She performed perfectly with the right lipstick.

6. Long wavy hair

Rihanna with Long Wavy Hair

The singer chose long hair again. She chose wavy hair at the bottom. Rihanna look feminine and elegant.

7. Tapered cut with side bangs

Rihanna in Tapered cut with side bangs

This hairstyle is widely used by men. But Rihanna is applied to women. She cuts hair to be short. Section of hair around the left ear was cut very short, fixed-term right next door.

8. Easy pixie cut

Rihanna in Easy Pixie Cut

Rihanna hairstyle has always been a trend. One model is the pixie cut hair phenomenal. Short hair is simple, according to the singer’s character.

9. Rihanna in red afro hairstyles

Rihanna in Red Afro Hairstyles

This hair is very phenomenal for Rihanna. She displays this hairstyle at the Gucci and Rocnation Private Pre Grammy Brunch, Los Angeles in 2011. Many fans that like the look.

10.  Half up half down hairstyles

Rihanna in Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Half up half down is a favorite hairstyle in 2014. She looks fresh, simple and elegant. You certainly agree with us, Rihanna is incredible singer.