Modern men hairstyles 2016 – Hairstyle is an important thing for a men. Best performance results from a hair style that is used. For you men slang, you will follow the development of hairstyles over time. Nowadays, modern hair style is that you should know. When the street with friends, you will feel confident. Keep up with modern hairstyle in 2016.

Modern and classic hairstyles have significant differences. Both hair styles do have advantages and disadvantages. All depends on your taste. You can choose a hairstyle that is suitable for you. Classic hair style has the impression of calm and relaxed. While modern hair style looks more daring, the impression of a man more attached to this hairstyle. team has gathered the best modern hairstyle in 2016. You will always be perfect in every moment. Enjoy.

1. High fade pompadour

High Fade Pompadour Hairstyles 2016

2. Longer hair with short sides

Longer hair With short sides Hairstyles

3. Messy hairstyles

Messy Hairstyles 2016 For Modern Men

4. Medium hair with beard

Medium Hairstyles with Beard

5. High fade with long wavy hair

High Fade with Long Wavy Hair

6. Undercut hairstyle

Undercut Modern Hairstyle 2016

7. Slick for manner hairstyle

Slick for Manner Hairstyle 2016

8. Short sides longer hair with texture on top

Short Sides Longer Hair With Texture On Top Hairstyle

9. Long hairstyle

Long Hairstyles for Modern Men 2016

10. Medium length skin fade with beard

Medium Length Skin Fade with Beard