Previously, we have discussed about wedding hairstyles for short hair. What about the long hair? Marriage is a very special moment. Women will prepare the wedding day to the fullest. Women with long hair will be easier to style the hair. Many variations of the model’s hair can be used. For the day of the wedding, she will prepare the wedding dress and accessories. Besides hair style should you choose a few days earlier. Appearance and style the bride’s hair into the limelight that you must order the good and perfect. team will give you some wedding hairstyles. Here’s an idea Model and Style Hair Married Women who could be your inspiration.

1.Bun braided wedding hairstyles

Bun Braided Wedding Hairstyles

This hairstyle is easy and simple. Women will look beautiful and graceful. Model bun gives the impression of elegance woman. Selection of a white wedding dress is able to maximize the beauty.

2. Twisted chignon wedding hairstyles

Twisted Chignon Wedding Hairstyles

Photo by : Julie Parker Photography. This hairstyle is perfect for the bride. To create a bun, you can start with a tangle of touch in front and rotate in the back of the head.

3. Beautiful curls wedding hairstyles

Beautiful Curls Wedding Hairstyles

You have the right to look perfect on the wedding day. One of the popular hair style is curly hairstyle. Order hairstyle and accessories to maximize your beauty.

4. Milkmaid braids wedding hairstyles

Milkmaid Braids Wedding Hairstyles

This hairstyle will make you pretty up at the wedding. All eyes will look when you walk with your partner. Extraordinary.

5. Tucked-Up updo wedding hairstyles

Tucked-Up Updo Wedding Hairstyles

You will be like a princess when using this hairstyle. Graceful and beautiful. Feminine charm radiates in your face.

6. Waterfall twist for wedding hairstyles

Waterfall Twist for Wedding Hairstyles

Photo by : Ciara Richardson Photography.  Via : Latest-hairstyles

This hairstyle can be applied to any face shape. Waterfall needed a touch to add a little something more to force all the hair down. We recommend to you with long and thick hair. Results are visible maximum.

7. Voluminous fishtail braid for wedding hairstyles

Voluminous Fishtail Braid For Wedding Hairstyles

Via : Many women who wear this hairstyle on the wedding day. They braided hair to the side. Women look beautiful and graceful.

8. Twisted Garden Wedding Hairstyles

Twisted Garden Wedding Hairstyle

9. Soft curly updo for wedding hairstyles

Soft Curly Updo for Wedding Hairstyles

Photo by : Lindsey Shaun Photography Via latest-hairstyles

10. Textured and teased wedding waves for wedding hairstyles

Textured and Teased Wedding Waves For Wedding Hairstyles


Those are some examples of simple bridal hairstyles and simple, but still look elegant. I hope you find inspiration.