Trends brown color for long hair – There are many ways to make the appearance more beautiful for women. One way is with the hair coloring. Brown is the color that is much in demand by the woman. Brown hair color trends are very popular today. The brown color will make the appearance look more lively and expressive. For women who have long hair, brown hair color will give the impression of calm and mature. team has collected some hairstyles brown color. We will inspire brown hair model for your long hair.

1. Natural brown hair

Brown Color For long Hairstyles

Brown is the color that is much in demand by the woman. Many women want a natural impression at every appearance. She will look more feminine and pretty.

2. Dramatic ombre for long hairstyles

Dramatic Ombre For Long Hairstyles

The brown color is suitable for ombre hair. If you want a dramatic change, wear this hairstyle. For this type of hair color has a dark brown color combination from light to dark brown. And this ombre hair reserve the extraordinary beauty.

3. Caramel curly hair

Caramel Curly Hair 2016

Curly hair has appeal for men. Of course you have to be good at determining the right hairstyle. One suggestion is to give a brown color to the hair.

4. Golden-touched brown

Golden-Touched Brown Hairstyles

Brown will perform perfectly by adding a golden color. You will look more fresh and cool the eye.

5. Cool-toned deep brown

Cool-Toned Deep Brown Hairstyle

This hairstyle is suitable for you who have brown skin. You must add glossy with gentle waves and shine serum.

6. Dark chocolate

Megan Fox with Dark Chocolate Hairstyles

Hollywood artist looks beautiful with the addition of brown color. This color is suitable for any skin. And this ombre hair has an extraordinary beauty.

7. Brown cinnamon

Brown Cinnamon Hairstyles 2016

8. Midnight brown

Midnight Brown Hairstyles 2016

9. Warm chocolate brown

Warm Chocolate Brown Hairstyles 2016

10. Subtle fade for brown hair

Subtle fade for brown hairstyles

You can add a touch of gold, hair color is not easy to fade. Many women who love this hairstyle.