Many women who love the hairstyle with bangs. All hair styles, long and short can use bangs. Bangs hairstyle is easy to create and flexible. Today, team will discuss short hairstyles with bangs. You definitely see a celebrity with this hairstyle. Short hair will look more beautiful and interesting with the bangs.

There are different types of bangs that can be adapted to the shape of the face. It aims to maximize your performance. As already in the know, face shape greatly affect hairdo. Shape each person’s face is different, you have to recognize your face character. Short hair with bangs suitable for various face shapes.

1.Short hairstyles with bangs for round face

Short Hairstyles with Bangs for Round Face

Short hair with bangs can be used for round faces. You must be good at choosing the right model. You can put aside the bangs, as shown above. They’re gentle sideways bangs can give the impression that feminine owner.

2. Short hairstyles with bangs for oval face

Short Hairstyles with Bangs for Oval Face

Oval face has many advantages. If you have an oval face, you can wear all kinds of bangs. Simple shape, not round and not square. In addition to a pixie haircut, you can use a hair style like the above picture.

3. Short hair with bangs for square face

Short Hair with Bangs for Square Face

A square face has a characteristic bit stiffer. Your jaw has the same width to the cheekbones. We suggest to you, right fringe is tilted to the side. Try to be precise brow. Many celebrities who love this hairstyle. We will explain in the next meeting.

4. Short hair with bangs for long face

Short Hair with Bangs for Long Face

If you have a long face, bangs to cover your forehead. These bangs are required to have the same length as the sides of the side. You can also use the flat bangs. One of our advice is to choose a thick bangs without layer.

5. Short Hair with Bangs for Heart Shaped Face

Short Hair with Bangs for Heart Shaped Face

Taylor swift is one heart face shape. She never used bangs for long hair. The heart – shaped face has a wider forehead. Bangs right is as shown above. Women will look beautiful with short hair.

Articles about short hair with bangs for various faces are finished. May be useful for you. This reference can apply to a woman’s hair style. Enjoy.