Emma Watson is one of the top class female actresses. Previously we have discussed about the actress’s hairstyle from year to year. On this day, we will discuss his hairstyle in 2016. Since it first appeared on television, the name of Emma Watson became very popular to this day. The movie “Harry Potter” is a film that raised his career. Then many successful films played.

New Emma Watson Haircut 2016

This year, Emma Watson looks a little different. The actress showed off her hair style when it comes to London’s Emanuel Hall. He appeared sweet with short pieces. Ombre hair color makes this beautiful actress. Emma Watson uses a black suit. Wearing a white shirt looks elegant. You can see the photo below.

Emma Watson Ombre Hairstyles 2016

Emma Watson always looks pretty before the public. The actress is a many talents. Besides good at acting, he has the charm of a celebrity. Because the charm of beauty, he was asked by some of the world’s fashion houses such as Burberry, lancome and Channel become an icon.

Emma Watson Hairstyles 2016

2016 Emma Watson Hairstyles