Irina Shayk is a famous model from Russia. His career began known to the world as having a special relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo. She often becomes the media spotlight world. Irina has the charm of beauty to lure men. One man was a star of Real Madrid and the Portugal national team. In the end they had to split up. Irina remains a beautiful and elegant models.

Irina has a pretty face and charm celebrities. This model is often used as a fashion role model, one of which is the hairstyle. How to style her hair in 2016? He is a celebrity who likes long hair style. In addition to her beautiful face, a model from Russia also has a long and beautiful hair.

In 2016, Irina has been several times to change the hairstyle. The beauty of this model is unmatched, he will be captivated by it. team will give hair style Irina Shayk. You can try it at home.

1. Irina Shayk at Short film Corner Cannes 2016

Irina Shayk Hairstyle at Short film Corner Cannes 2016

2. Irina Shayk hairstyle via Instagram

Irina Shayk Hairstyle Via Instagram

3. Irina Shayk In launching Hercules movie

Irina Shayk In Hercules Movie Launched

4. Irina Shayk long hairstyles

Irina Shayk Long Hairstyles