Jennifer Garner is a popular actress, many fans admire her beauty. She is known as the role of CIA agent Sydney Bristow in the TV series Alias. Besides good at acting, this actress has a beautiful face. She has a natural beauty, although age has reached 43 years. The actress always maintains the beauty with regular exercise.

Jennifer Garner’s face looks fresh and young. Some Hollywood films have been portraying. He was very successful in every movie and career. The actress has always paid attention to fashion and hairstyles. What about the actress’s hairstyle? If you are a fan of this actress, you must know the hair style changes from time to time. Let’s look at immediately.

1.Jennifer Garner hairstyles 2016

Jennifer Garner hairstyles 2016

 Casual hairstyles for women who have long hair. Jennifer Garner looks cool with this hairstyle. Although it is old, it still looks beautiful.

2. Jennifer Garner hairstyles 2015

jennifer garner hairstyles 2015

The actress is frequently changing his hairstyle. By 2015, he had a different appearance. This hair style is used when attending the American Cinematheque Award Ceremony, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles.

3. Jennifer Garner hairstyles 2014

jennifer garner hairstyles 2014

At the 2014 Oscars, Jennifer look stunning with long hair style. Wavy hair neatly styled, makeup simple make this actress look graceful.

4. Jennifer Garner hairstyles 2013

jennifer garner hairstyles 2013

This beautiful actress chose the straight and sleek hair. The film “Dallas Buyers Club” was the inspiration hairstyle that year.

5. Jennifer Garner hairstyles 2012

jennifer garner hairstyles 2012

This hairstyle is worn Jennifer Garner when the launch of the film “Argo”. Actress face shape fits perfectly with this hairstyle. The eye becomes more beautiful. Natural and gentle impression of the appearance of the actress.