Paul Pogba is a phenomenal figure this year. He became the most expensive player in the world. Manchester United midfielder was bought from Juventus. The player transfer fees reach £ 226 million. The fee includes bonuses, additions, and salaries. This players prices are more expensive than Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. He is the new idol Manchester public. After performing captivating in Euro 2016, Pogba will be a major player at Manchester United. We will see the world’s most expensive player game in the English Premiere League.

Cool Pogba Hairstyles 2016

Paul Pogba is a soccer player who is fashionable and stylish. He was very concerned hairstyle. In the midst of the summer transfer window, he showed a new hairstyle. Since playing in Juventus, Pogba has often changed his hairstyle. New hairstyle Pogba devoted to the Manchester United team.

New Pogba Hairstyles 2016

Manchester United is the popular soccer team. Paul Pogba wanted to play on this team. Pogba also express themselves through hair styles. He is coloring hair on the right side of the head with red color. The red line that follows the shape of the hair. She will show her new hairstyle was when the game against Southampton. Pogba choose a color for her hair blonde. He looks cool and handsome. Many Manchester United fans imitate hairstyles this player.

Paul Pogba hairstyles 2016

New Paul Pogba Hairstyles 2016

New Paul Pogba Hairstyles 2016

Paul Pogba Manchester United Hairstyles

Paul Pogba Hairstyles 2016

New Paul Pogba Hairstyle

Paul Pogba Blonde Hairstyles